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Amjad Education Magazines

Amjad Education Magazines

As part of Amjad’s continuous education, the Science magazine provides Amjad students the opportunity for self-expression in written form, develop and cultivate in students the literary taste, study habit and provide training to students for better utilization of their education and research.  The documented activities in the magazine develop Amjad’s power of students’ thinking and strengthen their imagination. In this way the general knowledge of Amjad students increases and they acquire the competences of cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Amjad magazine teaches Amjad students the value of co-operation and collaboration.  It encourages healthy competition to not only enrich, and engage students in the activities but to empower them as well.

The science activities and key concepts of global skills integrated in the English language are well embedded in the International School Award accreditation. (British Council -ISA)