Extra-curricular Activities

Amjad Students participate in about 17 club and circle activities.

Being a student at Amjad is one of the most important and memorable experiences of a student’s life. In addition to academic pursuits, extracurricular activities make up a valuable part of the overall school experience. Students can develop their social and interpersonal skills by getting involved in different clubs. This will help to improve students’ teamwork skills, and ability to build meaningful relationship with friends and peers, from primary, intermediate to senior students. Responsibility, good judgment and patience can also be developed during such activities.

Cultural Health Care Management Varsity Sports Teams Environment Science University Orientation
Art Basketball STEAM Education
Drama Football
National Folklore Music
Conflict Resolution Athletics
Human Rights
Child Protection ( Waznat)
Model United Nations

School Trips and Excursions

Amjad also runs a variety of trips throughout the year. Past trips have included excursions around Lebanon and Educational abroad.