Why Enroll at Amjad

  • Amjad’s program is designed to provide evidence based program, community engagement, strong partnership, sustainability Plans, and Evaluation support.
  • Evidence-based: Amjad’s program is evidence-based with effective and eclectic learning practices. Amjad’s Evidence-based practice is conscientious, explicit with careful use of current best evidences in making decisions. The program demonstrates care and nurture of the learner.
  • Community Engagement: One key feature of Amjad’s programs is the engagement of many different stakeholders. The engagement from multiple levels of stakeholders makes a connection to the community, increases knowledge about community issues.
  • Strong Partnerships: In addition to building support to the stakeholders, Amjad programs develop strong partnerships with other organizations with similar missions and goals to that of Amjad.
  • Sustainability Plans: Amjad’s program maintains planning through multi-engagement and implementation stages for desired results, so that the system keeps Amjad program functioning with values and improving students’ support to attain an impact with long term goals.
  • Evaluation Support: Amjad maintains constant evaluation to help determine program effectiveness.

Office of Admissions, Academic & Financial Contact

For Academics & Administration
Ms. Nabila Kassir
For Pre-School Academics & Administration
Ms. Najwa Kassir
For Admissions
Ms. Samar Al Batal
For Information Technology
Mr.Khaled Hajj Hassan
For Transportation Inquires
Mr.Saed Ismail
For Financial Inquires
Mr.Salah Okaily

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