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Amjad High School’s Dialogue Seminar with the Director General of the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade Dr. Mohamad Abu Haidar

Amjad High School had the honor of hosting His Excellency the Director General of Economy and Trade, Dr. Mohamad Abu Haidar, in a seminar during which Amjad teachers and students asked him a set of queries on Lebanon’s current economic situation, the resulting current and expected social repercussions of this situation, and the suggested ways to solve this dilemma.

Using a combination of reliable data, scientific robustness, besides his persuasive and accessible approach, His Excellency tackled all the queries that he responded to, much to the admiration of all attendants, as his approach was close to the minds and understanding of students from different Baccalaureate branches.

As an expression of thanks and appreciation for his remarkable effort in combating corruption and insuring consumer protection, Amjad’s Principal, Mr. Walid Thebian, presented Amjad’s Memorial Shield to the Director General.